Step 1 # Mask

  • Here we have a new product from SOLIDSCALE
  • A template with the name TIGER46
  • It will help you to creat a totally new style of camo

Step 2 # Primer

  • First, I primed a piece of plastic card
  • I used Oxidred by Mr. Paint, straight out the can

Step 3 # Basecolor

  • I use dark yellow from the REAL COLOR RANGE to paint all over the surface
  • REAL COLORS are perfect to work with paint masks, the dry fast and you wont have to wait till apply the vinyl-mask
  • Dunkelgelb RC062

Step 4 # Application

  • I fixed the template slightly and pinched everything
  • It is possible to creat diffrent looks and even a totally diffrent camo with that mask, just let your mind flow

Step 5 # Camo

  • For the camo i used a dark brown, again by REAL COLORS
  • Dark Brown RC056
  • Slightly diluted with thinner and carefully sprayed to the surface.
  • Layer by layer
  • Dont put to much paint on it!

Step 6 # Detach

  • I waited some minutes till the paint was dry
  • Now i carefully removed the mask
  • Aigain, no damage

Step 7 # Result

  • Here we see the finished camo
  • it took me arround 10 minutes to paint this
  • easy to work with masks

Step 8 # Mask/Numbers

  • I decided to use another mask
  • This time from 046001 ZICKZACK
  • I attached a "45" and a "Balkenkreuz) to the surface and began to cover the areas arrounf it with tape

Step 10 # Numbers

  • I used white by RAEL COLORS
  • Again i painted very carefully
  • Dont use to much paint

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